Go Leggings!

Leggings, spandex and tights are skin tight pants with elastic band on the waist. I am a self confessed leggings addict. I use it at home, at the grocery and even on casual and formal occasions. I sometimes wear black tights too over my office skirt/dress. Leggings gives me the freedom to move and flexibility. I especially love to wear them when I’m on the go.

Although leggings’ primary purpose are to give us warmth in our legs. They are now used to accetuate your figure and used to style your fashion outfit. Just make sure to partnered it with the right top and dress. like to pair my leggings with oversized shirt or top. Choose a top that covers your bottom so you won’t look almost naked on it. Boots are also a nice accessory to them. I like wearing them too under a shorty short or mini skirts. Especially when I have a tank/cropped or shorter top that I want to pair it with. On a more formal occasion, I choose to wear tops that have satin or velvet texture. I also limit my leggings on black color during formal events. But you can choose any other color on casual events.

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Gorgeous Cool Hole Women's Leggings

Remember leggings offers comfort and style. However, make sure you are wearing the right size, length and color for you. Many women mistake is to forget to supplement cover to the upper portion of your thigh when wearing leggings. Since they are made of elastic material, they may look very similar to an undergarment when worn. Although similar, one should never use them as a stand alone pants.

Advantages of Flat Shoes

There’s no denying that shoes with high heels look fabulous. They’re elegant, sexy, stylish, and finish a smart outfit off beautifully. Here are some of the advantages that flat shoes have.


Cute Solid Color Patent Leather Pointed Toe Flats
Unless you have a serious foot or ankle problem, wearing high heels on occasions will not do you any harm. However, it’s wise to alternate between heels and flats.


Korean Style Princess Shoes Women Shoes
By my late teens, I realised that I was not going to be tall and that heels would not make any difference to that fact. So I gave up wearing them.


Fashionab Simi-transparent Pointed-toe Flats
In most situations, flat shoes are a lot safer (the exception being in snow or rain, when even flats need to have a good grip for safety’s sake).


Comfortable Point Toe Snake Print Rhinestone Flats - White
I like walking about the city, so flat shoes are much more suitable and mean that I don’t get sore feet. Anyone whose job involves covering a lot of ground will prefer flats for the same reason.


Bowknot Two-Tone Flat Heel Boat Shoes
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What do you think of heels v flats? Would you wear heels all the time if you could, or are you devoted to your trainers?

Ways to have the best costume on campus

If you’re a newbie attending comic con this year, you’re going to need a costume. If you need any ideas, here are 7 characters to cosplay at comic con this year!

Tinker Bell is the most recognized fairy all over the world. Her costume is a cinch to buy or make. I love the idea of getting really creative with making her costume and maybe even using large leaves off of a fake plant to really it give that nature effect.

If you’re into the darker side of the Harry Potter series, then you might want to dress as Bellatrix Lestrange. She’s got quite an eerie look, with her crazy hair and eyes.

The White Queen is pretty relevant in pop culture right now. The costume for the White Queen isn’t all that hard to recreate either.

Princess Leia is one of the most popular characters to cosplay at Comic Con. She resonates with a lot of fans because they grew up watching her be a really strong female character.

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Five Piece Sexy Hot Cat CostumeSexy Bow Knot School Girl CostumeLovely Sexy Watermelon Paillette Skirt CostumeSeductive Uniform Sexy Celeste Angel need Angel Wings Costumes

Cute right? What did you think of them and what are you going to cosplay this year at Comic Con?