Style your Black Sweater

Whenever I hear women’s sweater, a lumpy and boring thick knitted clothing comes to my mind. Sweaters are warm and comfortable piece of clothing that sometimes you don’t want to wear outside of home. But do you know that there are so many different stylish sweaters available nowadays? Just check for a great selection of stylish and comfy sweaters. But what to do with your old grumpy sweaters? There’s still hope for them. Let me share some creative ways to style your sweater in different ways.

Vogue Round Neckline Heart Sweater

Polished New Arrival Bow Knot Round Neckline Embroidery Sweet Short Sweater

  • Here’s one : An oversized sweater for instance can be used as a dress. No kidding, just imagine your black sweater dress can be your little black dress in less than two minutes. Just put on your sweater (make sure it’s large enough on you) Take your arms out to make it look like you’re wearing it as a tube. and pull the long sleeves as you tie them like a belt or ribbon on your waist. Voila! you’re dressing your sweater.
  • Style your black sweater by adding colorful and printed scarfs on to it. Design it according to your mood or favorite color. It will stand out and look beautifully.
  • Belts are the best accessories to curve your sweater with your body. Since most sweaters are loose, belts turn sweater in an instant sexy dress.
  • Leggings are the most common way to style a sweater. Their opposite size compliments each other and blend well. Boots are a good addition to this outfit too.
  • Accessorize. They are so many accessories that can go well with sweaters. Size doesn’t matter, you can wear large or thin necklaces and it will still stand out. Bangles will look nice and fashionable on them too.

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Sweaters can be functional and fashionable at the same time. So wear it with confidence and look hot inside-out.

Designer wedding jackets

Wedding jackets add glamour and elegance to a wedding dress. In a winter wedding it helps chase away the chill and gives a comfortable warmth.

Choose a wedding jacket that matches the style of your wedding gown and the fabric that matches appropriately.

Although white is the most common color for bridal jackets, don’t be afraid to add color to your jacket. You can opt to add just a little pop of color or go bold with a black bolero type jackets.

Try on different styles, just like your wedding gown, it requires fitting and patience. You can choose on a jacket, coat, a shrugs, stoles or shawls. A long sleeved satin wedding jacket give’s the gown a sophisticated look while elongating the body. A transparent short sleeved jacket gives a more feminine and simple look to your gown. I personally like to wear shrugs on my wedding day because these are shorter and will show off more of my wedding dress. A stole type gives a full view of the wedding gown but covers the back and arms.

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Go Leggings!

Leggings, spandex and tights are skin tight pants with elastic band on the waist. I am a self confessed leggings addict. I use it at home, at the grocery and even on casual and formal occasions. I sometimes wear black tights too over my office skirt/dress. Leggings gives me the freedom to move and flexibility. I especially love to wear them when I’m on the go.

Although leggings’ primary purpose are to give us warmth in our legs. They are now used to accetuate your figure and used to style your fashion outfit. Just make sure to partnered it with the right top and dress. like to pair my leggings with oversized shirt or top. Choose a top that covers your bottom so you won’t look almost naked on it. Boots are also a nice accessory to them. I like wearing them too under a shorty short or mini skirts. Especially when I have a tank/cropped or shorter top that I want to pair it with. On a more formal occasion, I choose to wear tops that have satin or velvet texture. I also limit my leggings on black color during formal events. But you can choose any other color on casual events.

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Gorgeous Cool Hole Women's Leggings

Remember leggings offers comfort and style. However, make sure you are wearing the right size, length and color for you. Many women mistake is to forget to supplement cover to the upper portion of your thigh when wearing leggings. Since they are made of elastic material, they may look very similar to an undergarment when worn. Although similar, one should never use them as a stand alone pants.