Budda Superdrive 45 Series II Amp Head

A satisfying rock session or a good jam would not be complete with an amplifier than can bring out the rich tones of a great tune. Hardcore rockers and music lovers should consider having Budda Superdrive 45 Series II Amp Head as part of their musical equipment arsenal. This amplifier will surely bring out earth shattering and magical tones that other guitar players would be envious to hear! It’s a must-have item!

Rock Out Those Bass Lines with Quality Five-String Bass Guitar Pickups

Band performances come out perfect when musicians not only know how to rock out their audience with their musicality, but also when they use quality instruments and instrument parts. The bassist has an important part in the band’s whole sound giving life to their songs with the slapping and pounding of the strings.

For extreme metal music, bassists are advised to use a five-string bass to achieve that heavier sound. But of course, in order for a five-string bass to sound really good, it needs to have an excellent pickup.

A lot of fine five-string bass pickups are on sale at the Musician’s Friend website. You can choose from a variety of awesome 6 string bass pickups from Musicians EMG and Bartolini series for classic and original five-string bass guitars.

Impress your audience with your cover of a classic jazz song or with your own rock composition by sounding good with these five-string bass pickups. Who knows, but one day soon you can follow the footsteps and be as popular as other five-string bass guitar players like Jason Newsted of Mettalica, or like Fieldy of the band Korn.

Groove tubes Gold Series GT-12AU7 Preamp Tube

Preamp tubes are used for recording and touring with an amplified tune for every guitarist’s guitar tone. Many use these tubes to make the best trick to achieve the finest and the best tuning capacity with easy use. When it comes to durability, Groove tubes Gold series GT-12AU7 Preamp Tube is made available just right for you.

These tubes are designed from the Ei factory from Yugoslavia. From Europe, it brings the excellent quality at its best.

Features of the 12AU7 include large plate European-made driver tube and dual triodes are covered from the famous Telefunken line. It is usually used as a phase inverter, which could really upgrade the drive for the power tubes. Because of this capacity of 12AU7, this is highly recommended for Ampeg SVT’s and other amps as well.

Another amusing feature of Groove tubes Gold series GT-12AU7 Preamp Tube is it allows a wider range of the controlling system for both volume and channels.

The item specified are shipped from China. However, this is not available in the Philippines for shipping.