Essential shoes

Does a new pair of shoes brighten up your day? Do you have a closet full of shoes like me? Do you believe that our shoes sometimes matches our mood? If you nod while reading this. Chances are you have one or more pairs of these types of shoes below.

Boots – They are definitely a style essential for every woman. They can look classical and trendy for different type of occasion and season. They offers comfort and warmth on cold season too. Either UGGs, riding boots or high heeled boots. You should have atleast one of every pair I must say. Nothing looks so chic and stylish than a pair of jeans and boots. Perfect on almost every occasion except the most formal ones. For cheap women boots, check out Tidebuy boots at

Classic pumps. They are a must-item just like the little-black-dress outfit. It suits every wardrobe and work perfectly from day to night. I have a gazillion pairs of this type but I recommend having at least one neutral color like black or tan.

Ballet flats. We love heels but we want to give our legs a break once in awhile. So what-else can we have our feet rest other than a pair of adorable ballet flats. They are comfy and girly to wear. Love to wear them over a casual walk in the park or long stroll in the mall.

Wedges. My favorite type of shoes. Heels without the discomfort, need I say more? I have one of every color, they’re just so nice to pair with summer dresses, shorts, tank tops and everything in my closet. A definite must-have shoes of every woman.

Sneakers. Whether you are sporty or not. It’s best to be prepared and have a pair of sneakers in your closet. You’ll never when the need to work-out or run arise. They offer the best support for your arches that prevents you from injuries. Also they are extra comfortable especially if you have to be on your feet for a longer time.

Shoes are beautiful accessories and they make us look good and feel good. No matter how many type of shoes you might have, remember to store and care for it properly to enjoy them at the fullest and maximize their worth. Join the fun by shopping your perfect gown at incredibly low price! Check out other sections at They offers a collection of Tidebuy boots for women on sale at Malaysia; Tidebuy cheap black ankle boots; Tidebuy sexy ankle boots; Tidebuy cheap ankle boots online; Tidebuy ankle boots Canada; Tidebuy ankle boots on sale cheap; Tidebuy ankle platformheel boot.

Wedding shoes tips

The first thing you should consider when choosing your wedding shoes is the length of your wedding dress. In this sense, it is wise to choose your wedding shoes before the dress so that the dress can be adjusted accordingly. Ensure you can walk upright and comfortably without tripping on the hem. Similarly, think about beading and embellishment on the Wedding Shoes as this may catch the bottom of the dress, potentially leading to a snag or tear. Check out

wedding shoes
wedding shoes
wedding shoes

If you’re keeping things traditional with a white, ivory or cream gown but still want to make a statement somehow, consider choosing a bright colored pair of wedding shoes. This is also a way to show off your personality as color is a very individual thing. How about hot red, emerald green or royal blue – which could also double up as your something blue. Shop for a wedding shoes for bride size 11 at

If you are torn between fashion and comfort and you don’t know whether to choose glamorous high heels or girly flats, then why not have both? For the part of your wedding day where comfort is key, such as on the dance floor at the wedding reception, wear some satin pointed wedding shoes with a teeny heel, and for the wedding moments where your look is more important, such as the wedding photos, wear your high heels. It is good to have a back up shoes just in case.

Shopping for a wedding shoes is similar to shopping to any other footwear. Whether you’re looking to strut your stuff in sandals, sling backs, or retro pumps, a proper fit is critical to comfort. The bride should purchase a half-size larger shoe to wear on her wedding day and consider selecting a second style shoe that she can switch into during the reception celebration.

Plus sized wedding dresses

When buying a wedding dress, it is essential to understand the basics. No matter her size, a bride should look for a wedding dress that accentuates her beauty and hides her flaws. In order to pick a dress that can do both, a bride must carefully evaluate wedding dress style, fabric, and color. Brides can use these three basic gown features to set the search parameters for the perfect dress. Plus size brides will look and feel more beautiful when they understand how to pick the right style of wedding dress for their bodies. offers cheap plus size wedding dresses. Check out

wedding dresses
wedding dresses
wedding dresses

Ball gowns feature wide, flowing skirts. They are fitted through to the waist and then flow out into an elegant skirt. Ball gowns are considered one of the most traditional types of dress available to a bride. These gowns are particularly flattering for brides who have wide hips or larger legs as they provide excellent camouflage while retaining a classic silhouette.

  • Gowns with an empire waist are fitted to just underneath the bust. They feature long, flowing panels of fabric. Such dresses may not be flattering for the plus-size bride as they can accentuate the stomach and hips. Brides who wish to buy empire waist dresses should avoid thin or stretchy fabrics.
  • An A-line wedding dress generally features a narrow neckline and then widens into a full skirt. A-line dresses are sometimes known as natural waistline gowns. These gowns are particularly flattering on plus-size brides with hourglass figures. They may feature skirts similar to those found on ball gowns.

The biggest choice a bride needs to make in terms of sleeve is whether or not to opt for a strapless gown. Brides who are self-conscious about their arms or upper backs should opt for gowns with straps or sleeves. Cheap plus size wedding dresses with sleeves tea length are a perfect choice for plus sized dresses. Thick straps or cap sleeves are flattering on almost every bride. Plus-size brides should avoid sleeves that puff out at the top but are tightly fitted at the wrist.

Buying a wedding dress can be an extremely stressful process. Brides who plan ahead are generally able to avoid a great deal of the stress that comes along with picking the perfect plus-size gown.