How To Select The Perfect Coffee Maker For Your Lifestyle

A café Latte.

A café Latte. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With a plethora of brewing machines and coffee makers available in the retail market, it can sometimes be hard to choose the best style for your coffee-drinking needs. How much coffee you drink, whether you prefer flavored or non-flavored coffee, how much time you have to get ready for work, and how much entertaining you do on a weekly basis are all big factors to consider when selecting the best coffee maker for your home. Here is a comparison of the top two options in coffee brewing.

Traditional Coffee Pots

If you drink a pot or more of coffee per day, a traditional coffee pot will serve your coffee-drinking needs and budget best. If you drink it solely for the caffeine factor, ground coffee is your best option. If you savor the taste of coffee and like to take the time to enjoy each cup, a coffee grinder can open up a whole new world of flavors and whole bean varieties to your palette.

Coffee pots are also the ideal brewing choice for anyone that entertains company on a regular basis. While some of the more modern brewing machines can also hold a lot of water, the t-cups are much more expensive than a bag of coffee and a pack of coffee filters. You do not have as much variety with a coffee pot, so it is best to brew a pot of regular flavor and let your guests customize their beverage with flavored creamer, sugar, sweeteners, cream and milk.

K-Cup and T-Cup Brewers

The newest technology in coffee makers, the k-cup and t-cup brewer, is taking the coffee world by storm. Sophisticated and sublimely-easy to use, these modern machines take virtually all of the mess and guesswork out of making the perfect cup of coffee. You simply fill the water reservoir with water to the fill line, pop in a k-cup or t-cup of your choice, press the desired cup size, place your cup under the brewer, and in less than thirty seconds you have a perfectly-brewed cup of coffee, tea, or other hot beverage. Once the coffee has brewed, open the k-cup holder, discard the cup and you are done.

Coffee connoisseurs love sampling the latest gourmet flavors that are available in t-cups and k-cups. In addition to coffee, they also brew hot tea, cider, hot chocolate, and even iced coffee, making this coffee maker the perfect choice for a household with varied tastes. Kids can enjoy the hot chocolate and the cider, while parents can sip on a smooth cup of java or peppermint tea any time. As an added bonus, K-cup coffee makers and top coffee brands often give out high-value coupons and deluxe samples if you visit their social media sites. K cups are a bit costly per cup, so they are best for the casual drinker or if you enjoy hosting small book-club gatherings. Each visitor can choose the best cup for their personal tastes.

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