My dream Wedding


Each one of us has their own dream wedding and today, i want to share mine. My dream wedding would be all my close relatives and friends will be there, i like it to be more intimate because it will happen only once. The colors would be pink and green, with the bridesmaids wearing pink and the maid of honor in green. The tablecloths would be light and mint green and the napkins would be pale gold.My flowers would be a mix of white pink and mint green. We are using tons of fresh flowers to symbolize new life and joy.. Colorful and unique centerpieces I would decorate it with pink draping and pink accents. The reception would have a four layer cake with bells on top. Vanilla white layers with vanilla butter cream icing.My wedding dress would be very simple, A-line design with diamond spaghetti straps i want to be simple even with my hair. I would like to use the diamond set my mom gave me and thats it! a simple very meaningful dream wedding. The most important thing to me is that Im with the man i want to be with for the rest of my life.

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